Devil Fish

Words by Guy Stevens | Photos by Thomas Peschak
Guy Stevens
Manta rays are the embodiment of nature’s majesty, they are the vehicle which draws people through the looking glass...
Guy Stevens
Manta rays give birth to live young that are miniature versions of their parents.
A reef manta ray (Manta alfredi) swims in tight backward summersaults, looping over and over again as it feeds on a dense patch of planktonic prey, while snorkellers above watch the performance.<br /> Photo by Thomas Peschak
Guy Stevens
The ray’s feathery gill plates have become a product generating an estimated market value of US$11 million annually.
Divers and snorkellers flock to manta ray cleaning and feeding sites, collectively spending more than US$8.1 million annually in the Maldives alone in search of their own underwater encounter with these captivating animals.<br /> Photo by Thomas Peschak

The Manta Trust